Rick Ross, Meek Mill - Lyrical Eazy Lyrics


Rick Ross, Meek Mill - Lyrical Eazy Lyrics

Glock 4 Peezy, this shit too easy (Too easy)

These fuckin' rap niggas be talkin' too greasy (Too greasy)

Say it's smoke, well run up on me, nigga, when you see me (See me)

Pussy (Fuck 'em)

Murder on my mind, I been up all night

Two bad bitches tryna fuck all night

Heard we was in the club, he had to duck all night

I told 'em catch 'em at the let-out, shoot his truck on sight

Niggas ain't got it (Got it), niggas ain't 'bout it ('Bout it)

Hundred cash large, black card in my pocket (Pocket)

Rose gold Richie (Richie), I don't even rock it (Double)

Brand new Benz for what? 'Cause I don't even drive it

Niggas diss, I ain't respondin', I'm like y'all ain't even poppin'

'Cause we been mobbin', flyin' private, different islands (Rich club)

And I ain't lyin', I got this money shit to a science

Got ya baby mama in the Bahamas actin' different and she wildin'

Off that 42 get turnt like Dugg and 'em (Free Dugg)

'Bout that cash get real slimey, talk like Thug and 'em (Free Thug)

Niggas say they fuck with us, but we don't fuck with 'em (Fuck 'em)

My youngin' get that choppa, turn to Andre, he start Drummond 'em (Boss)

Grew up in the projects, jumpin' on the roof

Garbage bag full of dollars, I come for the movie

Young Jimmy Iovine of the crime scene

Leave a nigga whole team on them IVs

Point 'em out and put 'em on obituaries

Love or business, either or, it's only temporary

Carol City niggas never known to sympathetic (Carol City)

I'm 'bout the money, you can miss me with ya freaky fetish

Straight from Star Island, take me to Jamaica (Love)

Three-hundred-foot yacht never droppin' anchor

Count a thousand pounds as we ride around

Disrespect is not allowed so we shot 'em down

Bricks in the crate, first 48

Lamborghini out the box, so who wanna race?

My attorney talkin' facts, rats on the tape

I'm talkin' money off the top, then count it in ya face (Biggest)

Gang and nem


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