DHARIA - Miles Above Lyrics


DHARIA - Miles Above Lyrics

3 AM now

With you on my mind


'Cause your aura got me hypnotized


All the smiles and looks we can't undo

Make me think you want me too

All the stories in your mind

From your lips straight to my heart

I'm feeling like you're hiding miles above, miles above

That's the rhythm of a higher love, higher love

Heart is racing, goes like hi love, hi love

Take my hand and fly me higher, higher

6 AM now

Sky is falling down


Almost sunrise in this messy town


What's on your mind?

You feel it too when we're together?

The way you speak

It takes me right back to forever

You twist and turn me

Keep on changing like the weather

I know you're here

And this is stronger than the pressure

Summer on repeat 

Maybe you could take me back

August diaries


More than memories

Take my story right now

Give it to the seas


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