Beyoncé - YA YA Lyrics


Beyoncé - YA YA Lyrics


Hello, girls (Hello, Beyoncé)

Hello, fellas (You're pretty swel)

Those petty ones can't fuck with me (Why?)

Cause I'm a clever girl, we snappin'

(Pretty please) Toms, please

We wanna welcome you to the Beyoncé "CoWboy

Carter: Act |l", ah

And a rodeo chitlin circuit

We gon' make it do what it do, ya-ya

Put them hands together


She's pickin' up good vibrations

He's lookin' for sweet sensations

Ladies? (Yeah?)

Fuck it


We shakin' (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya)

We swimmin' (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya)

We jerkin' (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya)

We twerkin' (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya)

You wanna touch it, don't you? (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-


Come get this genie in a bottle (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-


Come rub it, won't you? (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-


I pop it (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya)

I walk it like I talk it (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya-


Igot your spurs sparkin' (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-


Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, oh

[Verse 2]

Let loose

Do what you do, babe, GOod God

I don't wanna hear no

lgot you daydreamin'


Put your lips on my lips

And strum me like a guitar

La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, you got me movin', boy

You got me movin, boy, you got me ooh-in'

You might know what you're doin'

Put them babies to bed (Oh-oh)

We sweat out the sheets (Oh)

Got you up all night and now, you don't wanna


I can soothe your pain, yeah

When l'm long gone you'll call my name, yeah

World of Wind got you insane, yeah

It's givin' me the faith


I'm pickin' up good vibrations, ooh

He's givin' me sweet sensations, oh

(B-E-Y--N-C-E, ah)

We gon' bust it down

From Texas (From Texas)

To Gary (To Gary)

All the way down to New York City (New York City)

Give me a kiss

Big daddy, you so pretty (So pretty)


Got these slugs in my mouth, when I'm done, I'l|

take 'em out

(Got these slugs in my mouth, when I'm done, I'l)

take 'enm out)

Baby, if you ain't got no grits, get the fuck up out

the South

((f you ain't got no grits, get the fuck up out the


Life is comin' at me fast, keep my Bible on the dash

Keep this pistol in my seat, just in case l gotta blast

l just wanna shake my ass (Have a blast)


Tjust wanna shake my ass (Have a blast)


We vibratin), and lover boy, you're so fine

Oh, you got me losin' my mind

But you, I gotta keep the faith


e gotta keep the faith (Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya)

Oh, go



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