Twenty One Pilots - Lavish LYRICS

 Twenty One Pilots - Lavish LYRICS

Welcome to the new way of living,

It's just the beginning of lavish from the floor to the ceiling,

Welcome to the style you haven’t seen in a while,

It's lavish.

Try your best to look like this is not your first time,

You fighting for the front row, that’s a nice try,

You’re looking real nice, smelling like worth,

Walk in like you deserve it,

And if your feet are hurting then that’s when you know,

You brought the right equipment to put on a show,

And let it flow let show, shine, let it show let it flow, shine.

Got that penny loafer squeak, across linoleum,

Big flex, complex, Napoleon,

I say whatever and whatever that I want,

Sip a Capri Sun like it’s Dom Perignon,

I’m talking tough happily with someone in front of me,

Room on the payroll, everyone can live comfortably,

I’m coming in hot, hot shot hypocrisy,

NDA’s for the folks that talk to me,

So tell your friends at Follow Bots Anonymous,

Keep it cool, keep the mood androgynous,

I see your problem is your proctologist,

Got both hands on your shoulder while you’re bottomless.


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