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Anthony Russo - That's Real Lyrics

 Anthony Russo - That's Real Lyrics

{Verse 1}:

Took the hand of a perfect girl

No, and it's not a perfect world

There'll be days where we fake what we feel

And that's real. Yeah, that's real

There's a shortage of serotonin

Too engaged to notice we're broken

Yeah, we're fragile the day that we're born

But don't think that you're ever alone

‘cause everyonе out there is going through something


And that's rеal

Yeah, that's real (oh)

Yeah, that's real (oh-ohoh)

That's real

{Verse 2}

Had it all, then it slipped away

‘till your plans blew up in my face

Life is short, and it's mostly a pill, and that's real

Yeah that's real

Sometimes, I lift my hands and they falll to the ground

I've seen some shit since I've been around

Do the best to change what I can

But this world already came with a pen

No it's, not perfect


Darling that's okay

Darling that's okay

It's okay

‘cause that's real (oh-ohoh)