🎧 We Were Promised Jetpacks - Disconnecting Lyrics

🎧 We Were Promised Jetpacks - Disconnecting Lyrics

White noise filled my head

I spaced out, I lost track of my sense of time

My perception of what's important has been changed

I'm connecting all the dots that I've misplaced


Wild fate, you've been tamed

You're half the beast that you used to be

Wildfire, you keep spreading

Further than I expected you

Wild flower, you've blossomed

I'd never planned on planting you

White dove, you're more peaceful

Than I ever hoped anyone could be

Sweetheart, you're stubborn

You've fallen right into my lap


I'm selfish, I'm helpless

You're selfless, take all my pain

And crush it and choke it


Right place

Right time

Right place

Right time



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