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🎧 Ww Ww - Ruins Recollected Lyrics

🎧 Ww Ww - Ruins Recollected Lyrics

Each life lived began as stones

Carved, capped one upon another

Starting a first, a foundation firm

Then a leading wall, trailing edge

Sharp clean corners cut to finish

All to build a fortress so strong


In its prime - newly formed, so solid

With isolating moats to keep them

Withstanding all that would breech

Palisades to prevent, to stay all

Towers to watch over e'er vigilant

That none shall pass with ill intent


But as the years progress onward

And sieges scar the structure grand

There lie amidst many hues stones

The colours of deeds done daringly

That mark white in pure goodness

Or decrepit greens, greys, blackness


The porticos now rubble lie strewn

And coloured glass chips in sand

Stones scavenged for other needs

The busy voices now all fall silent

What was once ambitious grandeur

Now stands ago and decaying ruin


So in immeasurable time there lies

What only imagination can rebuild

Of a glory supposed so long ago

And only wonder give it credit due

For glories once so nobly begotten