🎧 Ww Ww - Something Left Undone Lyrics

🎧 Ww Ww - Something Left Undone Lyrics

The days pass by in persistence

They come and go as if by minutes

Measures in an hourglass falling

Are the sands of mitigated time

Spilling out uncontrolled everywhere

The years pour forth as though

They fell upon the earth unnoticed

Mixing in, the days of others gone


Every day, every night, lengthy

Keeping a drive that persists

That speaks of something more

Something left undone, unmade

The significance of a great task

An achievement to benefit all

That would pense up in its being

To provide some comfort along


An insight into life's many questions

To have some saged, shared answer

That might be tucked away lifelong

Taken out and studied at times

Or shared lessons lent earnestly

From a caring mentor minding

Seeing a struggling soul in need

To find that something left undone



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