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CEO Trayle - Head Doctor Lyrics

CEO Trayle - Head Doctor Lyrics



Baby, baby, buy you red bottoms




Uh, baby, buy you red bottoms

I just hope you turn into a head doctor

Fuck them other hoes and what they say about you, uh

Nigga play with you, bet I see red 'bout you, yeah

Overly P how I'm gon' play it, got you, yeah

I kick it cool, but I'm not playin' soccer, uh

Someone clear the roster

Who that? He an imposter (Huh?)

Steak and shrimp my pasta

The world is yours, wrote it on a blimp, don dada

He such a good father, he ain't have no father

Slippers gold, Balenciaga, slippers count, that's like my model

PTSD trauma

Thirty shots inside that Glock, this not the XD model

I just went hard, I didn't say, "Bless me, Father"

Father, forgive me, just a semi-auto

7.62s out this Draco, they'll lift your car up

You know I'm a superstar, my hoodie on, they spot him, uh

More money, more problems, having problems money can't fix

I just can't quit

Told a bitch she ain't shit

Talked all that shit and can't take dick (Lyin'-ass bitch)

Bitch, I walk like I'm rich

Talk like I know I'm the shit

From a dime to a brick

Had to re-up, take a trip

Bitch, I'm back on

Need my bitch, she like my backbone

These niggas be hatin', baby, you know I'm comin' back home

Yeah, uh, you can't hit this 'Wood, lil' nigga, that shit that strong

Made a list of all my songs, that shit that long

Man, the clip that switch if he act wrong

Ayy, ain't snitch like Taxstone

Big C4 that crack flow

Suck this dick, don't act slow

Uh, straight to hell where the rats go

My Amiris holdin' rubber banded bankrolls

All that work out in the gym and I ain't swole

Yeah, I won't ever spend no money on these stank hoes

Prada Papi, pop it Prada Kangol

Yeah, you ain't name a motherfuckin' place I can't go, uh

Know that this a Hellcat Durango

Took his chain and he got up askin', "Where my chain go?"

You must think some gold at the end of that rainbow

Opp side cliquin' up, been murkin' shit like Saints Row

Ayy, ayy, hold your blicky up if nigga ain't gon' take yours

Niggas steady dyin' 'bout these blocks that ain't yours

Nigga, Big Folks

Double-R, big Rolls

Standin' on my ten toes

Put my back to it, kick door

Nigga, that's how shit go (Kap, your name's on the beat)


Nigga, that's how shit go

Big Folks

Big 4