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Kardashev - Glass Phantoms Lyrics

Kardashev - Glass Phantoms Lyrics

Say you’re ashamed again!

Spit the words out!

This hatred I cannot place

Tears at my throat!

Stone in his hand

As he sobbed on the dirt.

Broken glass memories

Spread on the ground.


I stood upon the porch

that you brought into being with your hands.

Evident memories….

I will not stand for this.

Slave to anger,

Just a shell of a man!


Eat your words, you dying coward!

I don’t deserve this! Let me come home!


Let me come home!


Give me back my mind!

Spare from this!


Oh, tell my father his bastard son

Has come unto the place of his birth

To take his claim!


Shattered glass in the light!

Apparition of thought in my mind!

Clarity caught in my throat!

Oh, It hurts to know!


O, curse of my eyes -

To see what is gone.


O, curse of the hands -

Never come back!

To cling to the past.


Let me come home!