Marlon Craft – Nursin the Blind Lyrics

Marlon Craft – Nursin the Blind Lyrics

What’s it all really mean?

Authentic aspirations conflated with silly dreams

You don’t really love her Billie Jean but the kid is ours cause the inequity, ineptitude and the prisons ours

Reapin’ what we sow as I get deeper in these flows

Truth watered down as you feel that you deeper in the know

Livin’ for the yes’s but feel deeper in the no’s

There’s value in solitude, but it’s cheaper with the bros

Voice of a generation, I’m a sleeper, you should know


You hеar that creakin’ in the door?

That’s me creepin’ in thе door

While the flood of all the feelings you been harborin’ start leakin’ on the floor

We all gon be cast to sea whether you actually see all the travesty

Why be a student to be abandoned by the faculty?

So all the best pupils turn to oligarchs

I’m from where schools of minnows get minused if you are not a shark

The manhood fragile

The plans push cattle

The judgment that come from our hostile often made by the clan hood’s gavel

Appointed by the masters of the masses

What’s a celebrity really but a distraction?

Pledge to a constitution of captions

Idles I aspired to back then is all collapsin’

Off of the traction

I’m feelin’ trapped in

Every verse I ever did was meta so I’m prepared for whatever

My greatness ain’t defined by the space that occupies

How can I be optimist when I gotta optimize?

Success is limited, how can I nine out for mines?

It was the best and the worst of times

Directionless as I ascend, while the world declines

Searchin’ for a purpose, I am tryin’ do essential work where artists just nurse the blind