Beartooth - Riptide Lyrics

Beartooth - Riptide Lyrics

Finally frozen

No more emotion

Started escaping now everything’s numb

Dove in the deep end

Stuck and I can’t swim

So out of breath I know I don’t have long


Yeah this is way to much just give me the rush


I’m done explaining my pain

This is way too much

I wanna feel euphoria

Give me the rush

Cause it’s the last time that I romanticize

The riptide that’s trying to drown me

Full of excuses for way too long

Don’t wanna sing another hopeless song

Cause its the last time that I romanticize

The riptide

It’s a riptide


I’m so ashamed of

My vicious problems

Keeping the worst of me all to myself

It’s overwhelming

Not ever telling

The ones I love that I gotta find help


Don’t wanna die

I guess I gotta let it go

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