AVOID - Whatever Lyrics

AVOID - Whatever Lyrics

Can’t you see

This ain’t what you need

You’re swimming in the same recycled shit all over your feed

It’s just A-B-C’s

It’s stuck in your brain 

I hate to say this shit is easy

But it’s still gonna bang 


Come on come on just give it up

Just give it up


Go reign supreme

We’re just doing the same damn thing

In a room of empty faces don’t go changing

So come on come on

Just give it up

Just give it up

It’s so overrated 

Come on come on

Just give it up

It’s all fake 

Can’t you think of something new to make


I can’t help but notice that

Every single time you open your mouth it’s the same damn thing

Looking for gold in the dust on your shelf

Blaming the world when should blame yourself


(it’s all fucking fake)


I can’t remember what you said

But I hear it on the radio all night

I went away to give myself

Another chance to figure it out



I hope I don’t end up like you

Like you


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