Jahshii - Miggle Day Lyrics

Jahshii - Miggle Day Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Anything a anything mi ready fah Mad sick head nuh good like predator Wah mi do,put another duppy pon di beretta 32 inna di clip a suh di belly bang Ratchet one inna di head,di hammer mek it slam And any man inna di way mi a go press it pon Dem medz pon mi name inna every song Waah relevance,p**sy dem nuh relevant


Murda,murderer,Mi nuh listen when nerd a chat Weh we go fi dem a brawling murda Smaddy affi bawl out murdaaaa Murda,murderer Brand new duppy pon di burner Bwoy neck a pop a never shirt collar Ahh murdaa

[Verse 2]

Murderer love kill,contract killer and we call dat hustling Anyweh mi gun bring,anyweh mi tun dis,blood spill Leff the bloodclaat place disgusting Dem easy fi find weh di rum drink One active walk wid di rifle nuh crutch thing Tall like cruff silk Ready fi go lost dem inna di industry A weh di f**k unuh think

[Verse 3]

Badman nuh tek box milk,must kid From mi a juvenile mi nuh do the kunk thing Fuss thing man grow ruff like rugby Nuh get di killa cross like bounty Double explosion from di pumpy Double row clip a carry hundred We nuh run from bwoy weh run yeah A gunshot inna face,Grants Pen

(Repeat Chorus)



[Verse 4]

Hitch up inna yard cyaah come out deh A baay likkle gun bag surround dem Dem know seh a people we pronounce dead Sen pree wid di eagle go buss out head Baby mother say nuh follow dem up,yuh chosen A cold dem cold up,dem nuh frozen Fuss Nation nuh par wid nuh coke head Bulls pass mi rifle wid dah scope dead

(Repeat Chorus)