JID – Raydar Lyrics

JID – Raydar Lyrics

Radar, sonar, laser beams

Jets, tanks, submarines

Megathons, H-bombs, napalm, ga—


[Verse 1]

I got the shit you would light with a lighter

Fuck a lighter, I could light on the stove

Dark at night, I'll drop a log on the fire

Wander in the woods out in the cold

I got the shit you could play for your mama

I got the shit you could play for the hoes

I got the shit you could sell to the trappers

In Decatur with the 'K and the Colt

I know some rappers that—how I'ma say this?

I know some rappers who paid but broke

Lotta money but you played your soul

You played yourself, you played the role

I know some niggas from down the street

Some of my niggas been down the road

Lost a nigga that was down with me

You know what they say, it rains, it pours




It rains, it pours

(Ooh, we have a penalty flag thrown at the thirty yard line)

(Personal foul, unsportsman-like conduct, number six on the defense, fifty-) It rains, it pours

It rains, it pours


[Verse 2]

They got the shit they could pull out

I know it could blow out a back, yeah

They got the cure to the vax'

Facts, you know where it's at

They put the money, the crack in a sack

They got the axis, they got the Atlas, they got the maps

I got a real, real, real bad bitch

I just told her to come to the back (Oh man)

They got the people in office

Them crackers that had us in chains

They make the laws, they goin' hard

Dang, they even started a gang

How you gon' win in a losable game?

Make a change, man, niggas say the same thing

Every day, complain and the sun shine

And the cloud rain, but won't lift a finger

In the danger, niggas been endangered

Been indentured, now my niggas got business ventures

With my .9, I'm like ten Avengers

Snap a finger, I could end adventures

Rapper? Singer? No, killer, nigga

You a cop or you a nigga killer, woah


It rains, it pours

It rains, it pours (Ooh, we have a penalty flag thrown at the thirty-yard line)

(Personal foul, unsportsman-like conduct)

It rains, it pours

(Number 6 on the defense)

It rains, it pours


[Part II]



Man, they won't understand, man (Oh, shit)

And, man, they won't understand, man (Fucked up)

And, man, they won't understand (Uh)

I live in harmony and peace

And the sun will once again rise up in the East (See)



Somebody told me when I was small

That the pride cometh right before the fall

God son died for us all

So for mine, I'm running through a wall

Lost a battle, it's still a war

I'ma steal the cattle, then burn the farm

We could travel but the journey long

I prefer we get a lil' murder on

Drop the top on your convertible

How we feelin' should concern you

We been speakin' but ain't never been heard

So now we screamin' at you word-for-word

Everything a nigga learned gotta burn

My lil' nigga in a hearse, I was hurt

Fuck a rap and fuck a verse, I could blur it

Tryna see how many urns I could earn

Are you entertained or are you concerned?

I'd be afraid, I'd be in church

I'd say a pray, I pray I say, I say I shade

They play like God, no play-by-play

We take our charge, we take our place

It'll take our hearts, it'll take our faith

But we need the majority to make shit shake

I'ma get me a quarter, I'ma get in a car

And I'ma get on a call and go state-by-state

And I'm picking the target then I'm picking them off

You better be Beyoncé if you say my name

Orange ambient sunlight and daylight savings

Might save a nigga's life

It ain't never too bright to broad day a nigga

Night time vampires and they'll slay a nigga

It's not like landslide so you can take their slide

I'm a canine straight in the pack lookin' for Jiddy, he's takin' it back

Crackin' a whip, whippin' the crack

Just like them crackers that did to the blacks

Just like they thought I was finished attacking

A beast awoken, I peel at the crackin'

They inferior and fear when I'm rappin'

But I ain't rappin, this is spiritual

Shed a tear so it'll curate when miracles happen, huh

Mirror, mirror, why the fuck is you laughing?

Dear, dear, let me volunteer 'cause I'm not in fear

I'ma jump in the ashes (Ooh)

Oh shit, "It's getting weird"

Nah, shit is weird, what the hell is heaven on this hemisphere?

If them bitches sell it, I'ma end it here

If we come together we can send a message

But I know they never gonna land it here

So I got the method, one, do you better

Do you want better?

Bitch, you won't do it, let's bet I will

Collect my stones, ho, collect my gems

Protect my stronghold, respect my shield

Until I'm long gone but while I'm here

I can snap my fingers, they'll disappear (Boom)