Powfu - Washing Off The Blood Lyrics

Powfu - Washing Off The Blood Lyrics

stressin out like 88 times

i won’t let it slide

girl i made up my mind

we gon’ move to Alaska


messin up like 88 times

sick of these crimes

girl we’ll be gone by tonight

pull your mask up


hold tight

we're fine

fall asleep on the train

wake up to the mountain breath

say we came from the east

but leave out the rest

hold tight

we're fine

there’s a safe place out there sooner than you think

washing the blood in the sink


your belly grows

in heavy snow

all heaven knows

which way to go

we'll find a nice town take cover

i would hand you my heart to save your life


bodies fallin

i can see them pile up

soldiers callin

won’t let them be findin us

i’ve been findin my own strength

i’ll keep fightin till we in the grave


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