Soen - Trials Lyrics

Trials Lyrics by Soen

Staring at the flames

Burning your past life

It's the charming that your fate

Won't guide you no more

Standing on the edge

Breathin' a failure

I'm a city that betrayed

The voices of hope


The higher the mountain, the longer the trail

The strength and conviction will let you prevail

They're looking for a cause to justify all the crimes

Our freedom [?] to drive the scream they devise


Strike down the hands that choke, defend through a compromise

Fighting is easy when you're filled by the rage of hope

Should we dispel onto the ground and intend for more?

Or has this mediocrity got the best of us?


We keep walkin' on the trail of demise

We keep kneelin' for the heroes

The plea of armor is riddled, left to the haunt

We keep allowing us to wither


jeff_a. said…
First verse - "It's DISARMING that your fate...
jeff_a. said…
Verse 2 - "Our freedom PUT ON PAUSE..."
jeff_a. said…
Verse 2 - "to drive the SCHEME they devise"

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