FvckLorelei – AfterDeath Lyrics

FvckLorelei – AfterDeath Lyrics



Don't know how the fuck I'm still alive

I'mma make sure I make the most of my time

I stay awake through every day, every night

I'll take all the blame, who's fault? It's mine

Looking for an answer, looking for a sign

To tell me that my path aligns, that I'm

Walking down the right road, who knows

Cause I'm getting colder the further I go



I don't think it's fucking over yet (Over Yet)

Now I'm thinking how much colder can I get

Before my time on this earth comes to an end

What happens after death, can't comprehend

But I'll find out soon I hope, the edge of the rope

Is tighter than what I thought it could go

It's getting lonely on my own, one kick of the chair

Is all it takes for it to be over, I know