Masicka - Umbrella Lyrics

Masicka - Umbrella Lyrics

It's raining

Umbrellas up

It's raining

Umbrellas up

Askel a up

Man born fi win

Champion never

It's raining


Umbrellas up

Man medal up

So me fly every door, not one them a shut

It's raining


Wha' me do?

Me charge e 'matic

Me can't do traffic

Me corrupt

Just me chargie got it, me bind me racket

No borrow any chart, me top it

The boss a nothing

No follow

Man a floss

Me two pocket never shallow

Girl a swallow

Can you lift up the Beretta, splash a marrow?

A straight to the bloodclaat money, what a arrow

Got a lot a ammo

real, and them no understand you

House fi big like it's a mall

The private jet

Turn it 'pon you 'til your shirt a burn up, people a fi fan you

A the wildest life me know

Man a soldier without the camo

Cement up 'pon on top and me couldn't left out me famo

Finger strength deh 'pon the trigger

Me press it


Can you take it to the top and never make it fall?

Tell me fam me do me best, me nah fi get it all

But me money 'nough, not stepping small

The clip full up, a wrecking ball



Umbrellas up

Man medal up

Don cheddar up

Me see the plan never luck

It's raining

Umbrellas up

Askel a up

Straight to the top

Me fuck the gas pedal up

It's raining


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