Pentagram - DAMN THE WAR Lyrics

Pentagram - DAMN THE WAR Lyrics

Damn the war, stop!

Damn the war, stop!


Little kids in the streets, bleeding and dying

Trapped in a burning city, thousands are crying

Ivory towers and gold, where the souls are sold

More is never satisfying



Hunger in the heart is a learned defect

Lives are wrecked, a fact


God damn cash, maze the rats and roll-the-bank


Inflame the pain

No one cares, it’s a fuckin’ shame

Game of blame

No one wins, but you make a name


Love, fear, born and die

Keep the dream alive


Damn the war, save the light

There's no glory in a field of blood

Damn the war, refuse to fight

A hope for future is a god-given right


The faces on the screen get the masses roaring

We're born into a fate where nothing is moving

Frozen to the bone, reaping what we’ve sown

The whole wide world just keeps ignoring


Fail and fail

Years and years of chasing our tail

Same old tale

The songs remain but the story’s stale


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