Aesop Rock x Blockhead - All the Smartest People Lyrics

Aesop Rock x Blockhead - All the Smartest People Lyrics

Recently, my neighbor spotted me casing my own house

I said I only really like to go in when I go out

"You okay, dude?" "Yeah, you okay?" "Yeah, I'm good"

"Yeah?" "Yeah," "Good," "Alright"

I know every black crow in the city by its first name

And its surname, and its bird call, and its birthday

Look, I'm cursed

Ran down Main like a man on fire from a church

Mangiest scalp in the state, angriest eyes in the world

Son pipes up, "Tell me, old man, how is that you could even know that?

It's not even a thing that scientists knows how to measure"

Gramps like, "Sonny, I been all over this motherfuckin' road map

I can tell you science ain't the only player in the network"

Y'all shoulda seen the boy face

Nothin' like a smug young punk realizin' what his counterpoint ain't

All the smartest people that I know seem to teeter in a paranoid state

You can know it all and never know you haven't actually departed point A

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, you sayin' there's a B?

No, I'm saying you won't ever need to limit the edition when you're free, woah

So, what do you do when you get to Z?

Bro, look, there is not a chance

I am not officially a ghost

Invisible and slamming all the doors

A paranormal scrambling of phones, look

There is not a day

An ember isn't cupped in his hands

It's slowly reaching up into the sky

It's fluctuating under my command, look

I don't use shortcuts, I don't use pace cars

Cut through a graveyard

Just to cut through another graveyard

Just to cut through another graveyard

"He's no longer on the radar"


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