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Megadeth - Life In Hell: Chapter IV Lyrics

Megadeth - Life In Hell: Chapter IV Lyrics (Official Music Video)

Busted, caught red-handed again

You can’t be trusted, born to lose, you’ll never win

You’re so corrupted, you stand before us condemned

So maladjusted to-the-world we’re living-and-dying-in


Spy versus spy, you will never have friends

You deny, the truth of where you’ve been 

You get caught, and then the “blame-game” begins


A couple drinks and then you’ll feel ok

A couple pills makes the world go away

What the hell, you’re gonna die anyway and you’ll say…


I’m a disease, and I’m addicted to myself, ha!

I’m all I need, I’m gonna live and die in hell


No fingerprints, you erased you exist

Kill or be killed, how you get your kicks

Over, and over, you just couldn’t resist


Only a fool would do what you’ve done

You lie, you steal, and you cheat everyone

When your caught in your most despicable deed

You plead the court for Diplomatic Immunity


You may be eloquent with your savoir fare

But each time the smoke clears, another body’s there

You’ve had more than your share of good advice

There’s nothing left to say, now except “Have a life”


Their faces haunt your dreams, each, and every night

When it gets too much, in your ring there’s cyanide

Now everything fades out and you depart just like a ghost

The Devil says, “Welcome to Hell, I will be your host”


There’s no reason left to say goodbye!

There’s no reason left to live or die

Judgment’s waiting, it’s the end of the line for you


Your existence and this twisted game

The definition of criminally insane

It won’t be long until you do it again, you’ll see!


I’m a disease, life in hell

I’m all I need, die in hell