The Boys - sick Lyrics

 The Boys - sick Lyrics

[Verse 1: JoshDub]

Ayy, it's DubDaddy on the track

Not a rapper but I thought I'd have a crack

Another song, another bar, another stack

We keep coming back, now we're picking up the slack

Get laid, get payed, Gatorade

Trigger treat sweet but can't beat the blade

It's Halloween bitch, it's time to get made

Better lock up or you're gonna get slayed

Ayy, The Boys are coming in

Got lit last night, I'm the Cherry Gin

Smoking gas, eating ass, not committing sin

We're going large like Amy Schumer's second chin

Hey everybody, my name is JoshDub

When I don't do crime, I talk shit at the club

I like Corona, no lime, and having a tug

I get my bread, no crust, cause you know I'm a thug

[Verse 2: Mully]

It's Halloween, my girl cooking clean

Doing flips in the sheets, call that trick and treat

In the back of a Bentley and we got on rings

Riding in the streets, shouting scary things

The Boys in town and we hunting clowns

Couple kings with a couple crowns

Scaring kids while we're blowing clouds

It's Mully in the back and your bitch is getting plowed

[Verse 3: YourNarrator]

Smoky and cold on this dreadful night

But we got some beauties in our sight

We love the shadows, and fear the light

But we'll steal your girl with one quick bite

On Halloween, you can hear many sounds

Some screaming, some crying in the background

But if I see some kind of creepy clown

Oh you better believe it's going down

[Chorus: The Boys]

Got these demons in my head overwhelming me with fear and dread (dread, dread, dread)

Screaming in my bed, keep me grinding till' I'm dead (dead, dead, dead)

Spirits in my mind come and visit me from time to time (time to time, time, time)

People say I'm sick but I swear to God I'm fine (I'm fine, I'm fine)

[Verse: EddieVR]

Trick or Treat, excuse me, what the fuck is this

Candy corn [?] Hershey Kiss

Que no sabes que me dicen "El Mexorcist"

If you don't know who I am then I'll tell you what it is

Got a blanket to protect me, and a wooden cross

I sprinkle holy water to show demons who's boss

I make videos to scare all the kiddos

And I'll exercise your Tía with a bag of hot cheetos

I shook Freddy Krueger's hand


Made Pennywise feel two and gave Huggy Wuggy a hug

I got good at hide and seek, you can always ask the Fed

I put poison in your goat, now that chupa cabra's dead

I live in the States, born in Monterrey

Got a gringa by my side, she can cook some frijoles

I crossed the border and la migra said "Hey"

"Come on down, but you just can't stay"

Running and hiding and working and fighting

You don't got the papers to even be trying

To say it was [?] then I would be lying

Soy un imigrante con un gran corazón

Empecé recogiendo la basura de tu escalón

Y ahora ocupo la pantalla de tu habitación

Hasta parece que yo tomo gasolina

Te incendio con mi rap, es los pura adrenalina

Mi tierra, la extraño, nunca [?] olvidar mi casa

Un saludo para todos mis latinos y mis raza!

All the witches they be on me, with glee

When I walk up in the room it's a party

Got no reflection but there's one thing you can see

Our competition running scared as they should be

Never giving out our secrets so like (hush, hush, hush)

Wiping away all the haters like a (brush, brush, brush)

We be stealing all your candy in a (rush, rush, rush)

Dropping songs and videos that always ([?])

Now gimme the Reese's Cup, bitch


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