AD INFINITUM Seth Music Video & Lyrics

 AD INFINITUM Seth Music Video & Lyrics


You want to fly above the fire 

On the top of the world, looking down 

Pick your poison between jealousy and anger 

Both will bring you back to the ground 

When the taste of greed has touched your lips 

You seek the power 

Give a stage to your demise 

Deceiver divine 

Falling from the sky 

As your empire catches fire, your illusions die 

Distorted lullaby, the rotten taste of lies 

In the abyss, no salvation for the wicked 

You told yourself the tales, the wonders 

You shaped the whole plot in your mind 

But the horizon darkens, ruining the picture 

Should you paint another lie? 

When the sun sets on your dreams 

And leaves a sense of failure 

Free fall, all fears arise 

Oh deceiver

AD INFINITUM Seth Music Video & Lyrics


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