CMAT - Have Fun! Lyrics

 CMAT - Have Fun! Lyrics

One hundred bright green birds atop a Tesco in Clapham 

Me on you it didn't make sense but it happened

Now I’m flying home just like I always do 

Back to business far away from you 

What are we like? 

You cracked an egg into my mouth

Had me over to your house 

Fucked your friends and fucked me out oh

What am I like? 

I went in time and time again 

Always pecking like a hen 

That isn't fed, that isn't fed 

So have fun 

Have fun 

Have fun

Cuz I’m done 

I’m done 

Five hundred and ten quid before bills out my purse 

Dublin back then was cheap but it’s never been worse

I gave you all I had cuz i believed in nests 

Silly bitch! You should have spent it on yourself 

But that's what I’m like!

I’ll stick my neck right out for love 

Give my beak and give my blood 

Only part of me that's good 

Oh what are you like!

You did me wrong and lost out 

I’d wonder what you’re up to now 

But I don't care, I don't care 

So have fun 

Have fun 

Have fun

Cuz I’m done 

I’m done 

One hundred bright green birds 

One hundred bright green birds 

I think Jimi Hendrix let ’em in 

I think Humphrey Bogart let ’em in 

I think 

I don't care who let em in 

I don't care I don’t care 


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