Dizzy - Close Lyrics

 "Dizzy - Close" is a song that delves into complex emotions and intricate relationships. The lyrics express the challenges of a relationship and past events while also conveying hope, longing, and devotion. The song invites listeners on an emotional journey and provides a space for reflection, allowing them to relate it to their own relationships and emotional experiences. By combining its music and lyrics, "Dizzy - Close" offers an heartfelt and poignant song experience.

Dizzy - Close Lyrics

Losing a wheel on 

A rammed interstate 

And then finding a fix 

Thanksgiving day 

And the show was a mess

We laughed the whole way

To the hotel we dodge

Noise complaints

And I’m not sad anymore

But if you gotta go, go

We can blame it on timing

I will leave the light on in the hall

Don’t wanna tie you down

To a bird that’s not flying 

Or hold you anywhere but 


The girl with the bangs

Has a temper to match her

Strawberry hair

She got from her dad

She’s not mad and you you will find

She talks with her hands

When she flips you the bird

Understand she is mourning

The loss of a space in time 

Oh and when you go home

Is it me that you miss?

Can you divide the rotten fruit 

From her pit?

Always felt we went swingin’

Destined to miss 

Always felt we were lightning 

Just waiting to hit


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