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Gunna - i was just thinking Lyrics

 Gunna - i was just thinking Lyrics

I was just thinking bout all the times I was hard headed

Thought I was right all along I was misleaded

All this weight on my back feeling so heavy

These boys claim they want war well I’m war ready

I had a bake a cake for the boy cause he playing petty

I was so focus at the top and I’m still at it

They tried to provoke me to stop No I won’t dammit

They want me go back to the block no no no

I done gained a whole lot more opps Now that I’m home

Niggas nose all in mine don’t know how to ming they own 

Twenty three in one how you feel when you alone

That’s four four walls talking to you telling you gone

Only I done cried cause its feelings for my bro

And you know my mind you done watched a nigga growth 

Know you hearing the lies that your lil brudda might fold

Yeah I had copped out but don’t let them say I told

No I ain’t you lil boys ima show you that I’m grown

Bulletproof the big toys let me show you how we roll

All these niggas in my business had to tell them tuck they nose

You wack niggas couldn’t get with this I’m one hunnid for sure



I was just thinking about this shit I couldn’t avoid

Can’t afford shit tell I make it on the Forbes

A lot of shit I did a niggas wasn’t there to say I saw it

I Never crossed lines all I did was play my part

I ain’t sign for a dime to my name I had a quarter

Just light twenty five and didn’t have it all in order

Niggas think Imma die they don’t know I’m immortal

No I aint Nino brown but I’m back like at the Carter

I just been getting high I don’t never wanna be sober

She said going ride so I got her the big Rover

Young Gunna getting wiser

do ever think it’s over

We done cut off ties and i gave them the cold shoulder

I swear this life a mold you


Right the fuck back on and I know it’s been a minute

Bought a new wardrobe bitches saying a nigga skinny

pockets still a lil chubby lord knows I gotta get it

Tell you this time around they going hate they went against it


Uhhhh uhhhh uhhh


They going hate they went against it


Uhhh uhhh uhhhh


Yeah a


Uhh uhhh uhhh uhhh


Yeah a


Uhhh uhhh uhh