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Sam Smith, Madonna - VULGAR Lyrics

 Sam Smith, Madonna - VULGAR Lyrics

Look like I’m dressed to kill

Love how I make me feel

All black in stripper heels

Mood like Madonna

Rich like I’m in the Louvre

Got nothing left to prove

You know you’re beautiful when they call you Vulgar

I do what I wanna

I go when I gotta

I’m sexy, I’m free and I feel, uh





Let’s get into the groove

You know just what to do

Boy, get down fall on your knees ‘cos I am Madonna

If you fuck with Sam tonight

You’re fucking with me (alright)

So watch what you say or I’ll split your banana

We do what we wanna

We say what we gotta

We’re sexy and free and we feel, uh





Vulgar is beautiful, filthy and gorgeous

Vulgar will make you dance, don’t need a chorus

Say we’re ridiculous, we’ll just go harder

Mad and meticulous, Sam and Madonna

"Sam Smith and Madonna's collaboration brings forth a bold and daring song. The lyrics emphasize self-confidence, freedom, and the desire to express oneself without restraint. The use of provocative imagery and explicit language adds a touch of edginess to the track. It celebrates the idea that being 'vulgar' can be empowering and beautiful. The song's catchy and upbeat rhythm invites listeners to embrace their inner confidence and let loose on the dance floor."