VOIVOD - Morgöth Tales Lyrics

 VOIVOD - Morgöth Tales Lyrics

Here's a story from an otherworldly land

In a metal factory town was forged the iron gang

A monolithic object, one night, landed from the sky

Come to me...The transfer has begun

Origins you're really from

And knowledge for things to come

Far out, forever mountain, four basic forces, blasting with power

Rose from the cold

Curious engineer souls

Cast out, in isolation, smoke in the basement, making creations

Sounds of their own

The wake forever goes

The unknown knows

All systems go…Yeah!

So this is not an exercise

You build your weapons shaped with spikes

The time has come for mass awareness

The lost machine will never rest

Rise from the X-stream

Fall, we carry on

Black city is burning

Post society

End of dormancy

Now we are connected

We are not alone

Not alone

Come to me…through the psychic vacuum

Use the sonic mycelium

There's another divine sun

Reach out, making the distance, traveling the world, spreading the news

Flag of their own

The alien skull still glows

The unknown knows

A multiverse in your head

Ahead a time warp to the death

Forgotten in space and always moving

Voïvod lives, forever it will, remains in your brain

As long as you live, to the next you will give


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