Tinashe - Needs Lyrics


Tinashe - Needs Lyrics

Hands my knees

they aint never Seen moves like these

Nice and clean

A1 body but I talk real mean

He’s simping

Said “Lord Please forgive me” oh

Said I don’t like begging but i’m on my knees

Don’t be a tease

Grab them keys

After party in between the sheets

Top floor shawty in a penthouse suite

Make ya say please… please

I’m not easy

But I feenin’

I’m just human we all got needs

Open 24 hours there’s no shirt or shoes required

Eat your heart out… my body is buffet

Eat my pussy boy don’t call me

I can’t be ya one and only, not today

Tell that girl that I got my bands up, ya

Heard she a fan, ya

Come and get your man, uh ya

Damn I cant stand ya

Way we been at it… I can’t stand up

Had a Bonanza

Peaches bananas

And now you want me all to yourself, you just can’t help it when my


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