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Travis Scott - GOD'S COUNTRY Lyrics

 Travis Scott - GOD'S COUNTRY Lyrics

Watchin' in, only one watching in, yeah

It ain't up to you no more (More)

God Country, this is war

(Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-oo)

Wakin' up, I see the light (Light, light, light)

I been drunk and it's alright ('right, right, right)

I took a drive to clear my mental

Went to the whip but it's a bite (Bite, bite, bite)

It's demon time, I got it on me (On me)

Might earn a teardrop overnight

Bought Louis shades to block my psyche (Psyche)

It's hot as hell, but we're the ice

You in God's Country, not in Montgomery

Go Ted Bundy, then go home and play Al Bundy

The card black and you know it got a sky limit

I make a mill' every week, you decide, choice is yours (Yeah)

The butterfly reflect the doors (Yeah)

I hit the gas and metamorph

Couldn't get this shit off credit score

Hunnid' thousand packed in fans

Got 'em jumpin' with no hands (Hands, hands, hands)

Need more spaces where we jam (Jam, jam, jam)

In God's Country wit' the fam'

Yeah, woah