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Tkay Maidza - WUACV


Tkay Maidza - WUACV (Official Video)

'WUACV' is from forthcoming album 'Sweet Justice' out November 3rd, via 4AD and Dew Process. Pre-order and pre-save here:

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Director: Bel Downie 

Production Company: Antigravity Academy

Executive Producer: Doug Klinger, Carlos López Estrada

Producer: Claire Loudis

Production Manager: Kelly Chen

Director’s Rep: LAB inc

Director of Photography: Ben Goodman

1st AC: Sydney Kaplan

Gaffer: Ezra Robinson

Key Grip: John Laverson

Production Designer: Sophia Mork

Editor: Jono Canning, Jeffrey Prosser

Colorist: Ben Goodman

Special Thanks: Luke Orlando, Scott Ray



going up like crypto

don’t know what to do with my dough

i should buy my bag a bag

but which i can’t decide though

flipped a full 180

now you checking out your vitals

adding up a seven it’s 187 homicidal

i’m 5150

i run through yo city i’m strapped with machetes

believe it i’m petty

i’m rocky i’m ready

straight to the dome got you dreaming i’m freddy

you shouldn’t upset me

every day that end in why i call it fright night

couple fangs on a grill that’s a light bite

two shots to the ribs that’s a highlight

if the price right, turn em off night light

woke up and chose violence x3

watch me kill the silence

i can’t sleep in silence


eat your heart out on a silver plate

they been fishy so i’m eating steak

on the hook I catch ‘em with the bait

get up out my face is si vous plait

mess em up and call it basquiat

If i see ya it get nastier

downing bottles of courvoisier

bury bodies in the backyard

a parking spot my only validation

wait for who i don’t got the patience

talking shit you full of constipation

you don't know the trials and tribulations