Lil Tjay & Kyle Richh - I Should've Known Lyrics


Lil Tjay & Kyle Richh - I Should've Known Lyrics

(feat. Kyle Richh)


Ay, Nxrre


Heart been broken, it's the reason I'm cold

Tru-Trust on E, like, I'm tryna see if you fold

Like why would you lie?

It's okay, now your feelings exposed

I don't love like a regular guy

If my feelings is hurt I might just do the most

Bitch, why you so pretty?

I think my weakness is under her clothes

Like, I'm in love with her moan

She Caribbean, I should've known

And she my baby, I make sure she froze

And she don't accept Louis, she rather a rose

Think back on the past

Losing my peace that's the life that I chose

Big opp, I gotta be easy

Always thought you was never gon' fold (Fold)

Heating up, put my heart on the stove

I remember when you said you'll ride till we old

Now you tryna play cool, my feelings exposed

You could blame it on me but you know (You know)

You would blame it on me if you could

I'ma do what I do, be your hoe

Now I don't care

Fuck it, it's up in the air, one nigga touch I'ma flare

Try me I dare

Switch on me, probably now, I see a opp, better not spare

Bitch you was there (Graah)

Made you ducking the gicks

You know niggas wanna kill me (Kill me)

D's is tryna put me in the trap

These niggas pussy, they probably gon' rat

I'm tryna run it up, save all the stacks

That's why is plaque, after plaque, after plaque

Know you gon' stay if I went through the bid

Type not to pick up and say that you're not

Type to be venting to me, how you love me?

Meanwhile you lettin' some other nigga crack

I know it's facts, bitch (Facts, bitch)

But I gave you my all

Tour outta town, I'm back on the road

If you not gonna slide then you better provide

These niggas want me to fold

Why everybody relyin' on me?

Is it real or is shit a facade?

Can't feel my face, fuck, I'm so misunderstood

Take drugs to get out of this world

Don't regret every risk that I took

I can't cry but the pain in the wood

Why would I die for some fame in the hood? (Why would I die?)

(Why would I die for some fame in the-)

Know niggas wanna kill me

Why would I die?

Fuck it, it is what is is


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