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French Montana - 10 Toes Lyrics


French Montana - 10 Toes Lyrics


Somewhere at 'Erica


Coke Boy, baby


As we float



My mind gone, plane landed, time zone

Made man, changed plans, heart freeze

Think I'm goin' crazy, gotta take it easy

All we had was faith, all we had was faith, all we had was us

In Allah we trust, never bite the bait

All they had was gas, had to hit the breaks

Said she fell in love and everybody fake

Caught another shootin', here's another case

Rap game worsе than sellin' crack

Tell the labеl "Send a check", fuck the plaque

Catch a RICO from a chat

Stay humble, you might fall on your face

Atlanta shootin' on the highway, L.A. killers run in your place

Ten toes down 'til we come up

And when we come up, we gon' help you through it

Show you how you really supposed to do it

Measure your success by the lives you bless

French Montana - 10 Toes: Analysis


The song "10 Toes" by French Montana was released in January 2024. It's a reflective track that touches on themes of success, loyalty, faith, and the harsh realities of the music industry and street life.


The intro sets a relaxed and introspective mood with a simple synth and vocal hum. French Montana mentions being "somewhere at Erica," possibly referencing a location or state of mind. He also reintroduces himself with "Coke Boy, baby," a nod to his record label and persona.


  • Verse 1: French Montana grapples with the disorienting effects of success and fame. He worries about losing his mind, needing to "take it easy," and facing betrayal from people who were once close. Despite the negativity, he finds solace in his faith and loyalty to his crew.
  • Chorus: The chorus reinforces the central theme of staying grounded and connected despite achieving success. The line "Ten toes down 'til we come up" represents perseverance and hard work through struggles. He promises to help others succeed once he reaches his goals.
  • Verse 2: French Montana continues reflecting on the darker aspects of his life. He criticizes the music industry for being worse than "sellin' crack" and expresses frustration with unreliable partners and legal threats. Despite all this, he maintains a humble attitude, acknowledging the possibility of failure.
  • Bridge: The bridge offers a glimpse of hope and self-motivation. French Montana urges himself to stay focused on his goals and measure success by the positive impact he can make on others.


The song concludes with a repeated chant of "10 toes down," solidifying the central message of resilience and dedication. French Montana leaves a final word of encouragement, demonstrating his commitment to helping others rise alongside him.


  • Theme: The central theme of "10 Toes" is about navigating the challenges of success and staying true to one's values amidst temptation and hardship. French Montana emphasizes the importance of loyalty, faith, and perseverance in achieving both personal and collective goals.
  • Imagery and Metaphors: The song uses vivid imagery to depict the contrasting worlds of wealth and struggle. The mention of "planes landing" and "time zones" represents the fast-paced lifestyle of success, while references to "shootin'" and "RICO charges" highlight the dangers of street life. Metaphors like "music game worse than sellin' crack" and "Atlanta shootin' on the highway" emphasize the harsh realities of these worlds.
  • Narrative Techniques: The song utilizes internal monologue and stream-of-consciousness storytelling to capture the complex emotions and thoughts of the narrator. The shifting moods and topics reflect the rollercoaster nature of success and personal growth.
  • Emotional Tone: The song oscillates between reflective melancholy, moments of frustration, and flashes of defiant hope. French Montana's vulnerability and sincerity shine through, creating a relatable and emotionally resonant experience for the listener.
  • Discourse Analysis: The song uses informal language and street slang, reflecting the artist's background and target audience. However, it also incorporates moments of introspection and profound lyricism, adding depth and complexity to the message.
  • Overall Message: "10 Toes" ultimately delivers a message of empowerment and resilience. French Montana encourages listeners to stay grounded, trust their faith, and work hard to achieve their goals while remaining true to their values and helping others along the way.


"10 Toes" is a powerful and well-crafted song that delves into the often-contradictory world of success and personal growth. Its honest lyrics, relatable struggles, and hopeful message make it a thought-provoking and inspiring listen for anyone facing their own challenges in life.