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Kygo & Ava Max - Whatever Lyrics


Kygo & Ava Max - Whatever Lyrics

There’s a space in my heart

When it all comes crashing down 

Anytime I hear your name out in public 

There’s a place that I go

Every time that you’re in town

It’s just me

And the knots in my stomach


And it’s true

It wasn’t easy

Getting over you

But that’s just what I had to do


Whatever, whatever

We were never good together 

I’ll be here

And you stay there

Truth is I never cared

Whatever, whatever

Two years that ain’t forever 

I’ll be here

And you stay there

Won’t see me cry no tears

Nevermind, nevermind

Feels like you were never mine

Go lose myself

In the arms of a stranger

And yeah it sucks

Sometimes in love

You try your best but it doesn’t work out 

But it don’t matter either way

Song Analysis: Kygo & Ava Max - Whatever

Beginning: The song opens with a sense of vulnerability, describing a lingering ache in the narrator's heart whenever they encounter their ex. They physically distance themselves ("There's a place that I go"), highlighting the attempt to escape past pain.

Development: The pre-chorus acknowledges the difficulty of moving on but reaffirms the decision to do so. The chorus explodes with defiance, repeating "Whatever" as a dismissal of the relationship's significance. The lyrics emphasize spatial separation ("I'll be here, you stay there") and emotional detachment ("Truth is, I never cared"). The second verse reinforces this sentiment, suggesting the ex was never truly theirs and embracing the freedom of new possibilities.

Climax: The bridge provides a moment of introspective vulnerability, admitting that love can be painful even when it fails. However, the final line, "But it don't matter either way," signifies a return to the confident defiance of the chorus.

Themes: The primary theme is moving on from a failed relationship. The song celebrates emotional resilience and self-preservation in the face of heartbreak. Secondary themes include the fleeting nature of love ("Two years, that ain't forever"), embracing uncertainty ("Lose myself in the arms of a stranger"), and the power of self-determination ("Truth is, I never cared").

Narrative Techniques: The song utilizes repetition ("Whatever, whatever"), contrasting emotions (vulnerability vs. defiance), and vivid imagery ("knots in my stomach," "arms of a stranger").

Emotional Analysis: The song starts with sadness and regret but progresses to anger, defiance, and ultimately, acceptance. The listener experiences the emotional journey of the narrator as they reclaim their power and move forward.

Meaningful Images: The recurring image of space ("There's a space in my heart," "I'll be here, you stay there") symbolizes emotional distance and the creation of boundaries. The "knots in my stomach" represent physical anxiety and emotional turmoil. The "arms of a stranger" signify the potential for new experiences and healing.

Discourse Analysis: The song adopts a first-person, internal monologue perspective, offering a window into the narrator's thoughts and feelings.

Overall Message: Despite the initial pain, "Whatever" ultimately celebrates healing and personal growth. It encourages listeners to acknowledge their emotions, let go of the past, and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

Conclusion: "Whatever" is a potent anthem of resilience and self-discovery. It offers a relatable and empowering message for anyone navigating the challenges of heartbreak and emotional growth.