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Nicki Minaj – Big Foot Lyrics


Nicki Minaj – Big Foot Lyrics

Your flow is such a bore 

Drinkin a bottle of henny through a straw. 

Bitch you better stop dat dialogue 

Before I hit Carl & buy your catalog 


How you fuck your mother man when she die?

How you go on GAYLE KING and can’t cry?


Big foot, but you still a small fry

Swearing on your dead mother when you lie

Ay, yo

This little begging whore

Talking ‘bout Megan’s law

For a free beat, you could hit Megan raw

If you a ghost writer, Pardi in Megan jaw 

Shots thrown but I still ain’t let Megan score 

Bad bitch, she like six foot

I call her big foot

The bitch fell off, I said “Get up on your good Foot”

Uh, still ain’t topped Red Ruby 

Tryna steal the sauce, I said “Get up out my cook book”

But really I’m a sweetie pie

P-r-t-t-y but I’m p-e-t-t-y

Um, why did you lie about your Lypo?

Fucking your best friend man is crazy, you the type though

You was lying to the Queen then you went lying to the King

GALE, that 30-year-old tea so stale

Kylie kicked you out and made you stumble to the car

Barbz, I need a good alcohol bar  

“Roman wait, that was the bar”

Like a body builder, I keep raising the bar

Fuck you get shot with no scar?

This little piggy toxic, somebody adopt it

Mm, mm mm, mm mm

Shit’ll get dark like chocolate

I’m ‘bout to get up in your ass bitch clench

Mm, yeah, sort of like French

They got you all them Grammy’s but your flow still a no?!?!! 

What a Fiasco, Lupe

Future made you pay 

Haha, she wanna PARDI with DaBaby while rubbing on Tory toupe 

I guess she needed Moneybaggs for them Trey Songz

She G-Eazy, Carl made her crawl for it

Yo, why the fuck they poke the Monsta?

Fucking with Nicki, this year, ho, I’m cumming like a Porn Star

She just mad that no nigga ever loved her

No nigga gon’ stand ten toes behind her

Is it my fault I got good vagin-er?

Why the fuck is you humping on a minor?

Cause she was lying on your dead momma

On on your dead momma 

lying on your dead momma

On on your dead momma lying on your dead momma

on on your dead momma, lying, lying, lying on your dead momma

This track presents Nicki Minaj as a powerful and bold rap artist with striking lyrics. The narrative revolves around Nicki taking a fierce stance against her rivals and critics. The song highlights her confidence, talents, and accomplishments while demeaning and counterattacking her adversaries.

The main theme revolves around a powerful female rapper challenging her rivals and defending herself with a strong and confident attitude. The song reflects Nicki Minaj's self-assurance and anger towards others.

The topic analysis indicates that the song focuses on Nicki Minaj showcasing her own talents and achievements while also addressing her rivals and critics with an aggressive tone.

The emotional analysis reveals that the song reflects intense emotions such as anger, confidence, and arrogance. Nicki Minaj's powerful emotions enhance the impact of the song on listeners.

The semantic network analysis demonstrates that the song addresses interconnected themes such as Nicki Minaj's identity, talents, achievements, and relationships with her rivals in depth.

The speech analysis shows that the song is delivered with a fast-paced and aggressive tone. Nicki Minaj challenges her rivals and critics with harsh words and confrontational language.

The narrative analysis indicates that the song focuses on a powerful female rapper expressing herself and her confidence boldly. Nicki Minaj narrates her own story and identity strongly, conveying her self-belief to the listeners.

The critical analysis may criticize the song for its aggressive stance towards rivals and its use of derogatory language. However, the song also conveys a positive message by emphasizing Nicki Minaj's confidence and achievements.

The language analysis reveals that the song includes slang and derogatory expressions. Nicki Minaj criticizes her rivals and critics using dismissive language and adopts an aggressive tone.

The part of the song that defines the story is where Nicki Minaj emphasizes her own success and power. For example, the parts where she challenges her rivals and praises herself define the narrative of the song.

The part of the song that defines its essence is where Nicki Minaj emphasizes her confidence and talents. These parts reflect the main theme and message of the song.

The protagonist of the song is Nicki Minaj, and the song depicts her experiences and emotions. 

The lyrics of the song carry artistic value because they combine Nicki Minaj's lyrical prowess and mastery of language. The rhythm, rhyme, and imagery in the lyrics provide artistic expression.

Key words describing the song include power, confidence, challenge, arrogance, and success.

The overall message of the song is about a powerful female rapper emphasizing her confidence and talents while also challenging her rivals and critics. It also reflects themes of self-assurance and empowerment.