French Montana - Hard Life Lyrics


French Montana - Hard Life Lyrics



Hard life

Excuses gon' make today easy

But tomorrow hard

Hard life

Discipline gon' make today hard

But tomorrow easy

Haan (Woo)

You know they tears never stop

Until you give 'em every drop of your blood

Why wait for the time when the time ain't waitin' for you?

Coke Boy, baby

Coke Boys, Montana

It's what we do


Swear to God, it's like a movie script, ridin' with an uzi (Bah-bah-bah)

Killers tried to shoot me, missed, now they wanna sue me (Haan)

It's a hard life, Batman, robbin' through the dark nights

Hard white, whippin' up a Cullinan with star lights (Skrrt)

Now through the blizzard is the wizard with the stick

Hit the block up with thе work, back like RZA with the flip

On the cornеr, flippin', stackin', had to stop by and drip

And now my change up from the back, shorty different with the grip (Ah)

Yeah, my money long, slidin' through Harlem like I was honeycomb

Baghdad, killers tried to turn me to a hashtag

Cold business, love a bad bitch, but got no feelings

Dope dealers, quick to tell her "Yeah, your Uber four minutes" (Woo)

They wrote me off, but I ain't write back

Countin' millions, burnin' ashes, yeah, my come-up should be taught in classes


"Hard Life" Song Analysis


  • The song begins by emphasizing the theme of "Hard Life."
  • It states that excuses will make today easy but tomorrow hard, while discipline will make today hard but tomorrow easy.

Main Theme:

  • The main theme of the song is living a life full of challenges and struggles.

Storytelling Section:

  • The section of the song lyrics that tells the story is the first verse. This verse describes some of the hardships of a difficult life and how the protagonist deals with them.


  • The essence of the song is to never give up in the face of adversity and to work with discipline to achieve your goals.


  • The protagonist of the song is someone who lives a life full of difficulties and struggles to overcome them.


  • Hard Life: It expresses the main theme of the song and the hardships the protagonist faces.
  • Discipline: It is an important tool for overcoming challenges.
  • Uzi: It is a weapon used to fight against adversity.
  • Blizzard: It symbolizes the challenges and obstacles.
  • Wizard: It represents a wise and powerful person who can overcome challenges.


  • Subject Analysis: It tells the story of a life full of challenges and struggles.
  • Emotional Analysis: The song contains emotions such as sadness, anger, ambition, and determination.
  • Semantic Network Analysis: It establishes connections between concepts such as difficulty, struggle, discipline, and success.
  • Critical Analysis: It provides a realistic portrayal of a life full of challenges.
  • Language Analysis: It creates a powerful atmosphere with the use of slang and figurative language.
  • Psychological Analysis: It emphasizes the psychological strength and resilience needed to cope with adversity.

Overall Message:

  • It is possible to overcome adversity and achieve your goals by never giving up and working with discipline.


"Hard Life" is a song that offers a realistic and emotional portrayal of a life full of challenges. The song emphasizes the importance of never giving up in the face of adversity and working with discipline to achieve your goals.


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