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Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign – KEYS TO MY LIFE Lyrics


Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign – KEYS TO MY LIFE Lyrics

(feat. India Love)

Slow down, you on your way to an overdose

Plus these texts gettin' way too emoji-nal

Way too much time alone

Told the guys that you know I'm headed home, I got a trauma bond

Look at what I stumbled on

Another nigga chillin' on your couch with pajamas on

Thought I was the only one

How dare you have a nigga in your house eatin' Papa Johns?

Where you get that money from?

Lookin' at how far we come

I bought your first Vacheron

I guess we had an awesome run

Ever since I lost my mom, you was like my foster mom

Hold me like your only son

Hold me like the homies in the Chi' when they hold they guns

Hold me like a trophy in the sky when they know they won

Wasn't it always this way? Wasn't it always this way?

Puttin' it all on display, using up all your sick days

Put up with all my mistakes, listen to all my mixtapes

'Posed to be always this way, 'posed to be always this way

Couldn't it all be so simple?

I could've used the last part for the intro

How it sound when you got Yeezy over Timbo?

From Uptown, but now she rockin' Yeezys over Timbos

Like you don't see me beatin' on your window

Like Chief Keef in the kitchen with the BDs and the endo

But that was me when I was burnin' CDs for my friends though

Now I can't just take it on the chin like Jay Leno

Now, everybody want the info

These bitches want the pin code, these niggas swear we kinfolk

In a Benzy with a Gen-Z gettin' gentle

If I gotta pay for it, I'ma drive it like a rental

You already know my M.O

Is you ready for the Venmo? You already know my demo

You already know I'm impulsive

And another baby is my end goal

I wanna give you the keys to my life, to my life, to my life, yeah

I wanna give you the keys to my life, to my life, to my life, yeah

I wanna give you the keys to my life, to my life, to my life, yeah

I wanna give you the keys to my life, to my life, to my life, yeah

I wanna give you the keys to my life, to my life, to my life, yeah

The song tells a story of complex emotions and lack of trust within a relationship. The main character is dealing with feelings of betrayal and insecurity. In the first section, the character discovers their partner with someone else at their home, expressing disappointment and anger. Key themes include betrayal, insecurity, and loss.

The essence of the song lies in expressing the main character's lack of trust and their disappointment in the relationship. Key phrases like "trauma bond," "impulsive," and "end goal" reflect this essence.

The main character is someone struggling with their partner's betrayal and feelings of insecurity. The song portrays their emotional struggles and challenges in the relationship.

Key words used in the song include "keys to my life," "overdose," "emoji-nal," "trauma bond," "impulsive," and "end goal," which convey themes of betrayal, insecurity, emotional turmoil, and struggle.


- Topic analysis: A story of betrayal, insecurity, and emotional turmoil within a relationship.

- Emotion analysis: Dominant emotions include disappointment, anger, sadness, and uncertainty.

- Semantic network analysis: Reveals the complex emotional dynamics and feelings of insecurity in the relationship.

- Critical analysis: The song critiques modern relationship dynamics and the issue of trust.

- Language analysis: Uses slang and everyday language to convey the message effectively.

- Psychological analysis: Explores the main character's struggles with trust, betrayal, and loss.

The overall message highlights the emotional complexities and challenges of trust and betrayal in relationships, encouraging empathy and reflection. In conclusion, the song delves deep into the complexities of human relationships and emotional struggles, prompting listeners to contemplate these themes.