Mazza L20 - Daily Duppy Lyrics


Mazza L20 - Daily Duppy Lyrics


Whys my man talkin' shit?

I called his bluff, he called it quits

Come try my shoes, they might not fit

Tryna do it like Richie, tryna get rich

But I'm still Cat-B, high risk

Seen my man turn to a snitch

Seen my man snitch like White Boy Rick

Everybody hates me like Chris

Got nicked with a John but it's not John Wick

Seen Clarky smokin' fish on a carton of milk with a Wick

Me and Sharky got man wigged

What you know bout that, what you know bout this

Got nicked with a John but it's not John Wick

I don't wanna hear bout takin' a risk cause' you're takin' the piss

You was at home, loved up with a bitch

I was in the cell, Cat-B, high risk

Got a NVT for smokin' a spliff, are they takin' the piss?

How many of them man switched

They were riding along til' I went and got nicked

Got seen in a thong, [?] is a bitch

S got wigged with the back of the stick

No sweets for the stick, got done with thе flick

M tried run and got done like Rick

Adam got nickеd and he turned to a snitch

Louie got nicked ad he turned to a snitch

M got nicked and his face got wigged

***** got done with the John, not Wick

Tried jumpin' the fence and his Air Max ripped

Coulda' caught me an M but it jammed and clicked

I smoke rats, not random kids

That's not suttin' to gamble with

Still got beef like Paddy and Nidge

Out with the broom but I'm not no witch

Got suttin' to do but I don't know which

Got suttin' to do but I don't know what

Put faith in spinners and hope in god

I told mum that I won't get shot

Tryna get me a clip with a hundred shots

I told mum that I won't get locked

I won't get life, I hope to god

Me and [?] smoked a chase

We could've got nicked for smokin' plod

In the whip with the stick like bro don't stop

Free our kid, my bros on job

They said they've got Opps

He sold his soul by sellin' his Glock

You ready or not, ha

Tell a man get him a job

I've got XL's, I'll get him a dog

In the field like Messi with 10 on me top

Told mum that I'd get her a villa

Am' fuckin' up beats like Bryson Tiller

The white Mike Tyson, not Mike skinner

You're not gonna eat if you don't buy dinner

Seven years in jail, I feel like a virgin

But I'm not your average person

Get it off packs, the wraps not workin'

She bring packs, I'll buy her a Birkin

I'm at war with rats like German

Strap from Russia, the shank looks Persian

Didn't ever wanna get captured

Never again like when I got blasted

Givin' out beats like German bastards

Two in a day, we're way too active

Me broski done it like Salah and scored a hattrick

I put hands on the star like Patrick

I was in jail when I dropped that mixtape

Should've put it on Mixtape Madness, why? Cah' the mixtape madness

You listen to fake ass rappers that don't do nuttin', they're fake like plastic

Should get BAFTA's, roll up a Zuggy and twist it backwards

My bitch who's come on a visit lookin' attractive

Look I'm majestic, mazza then maverick

This song narrates the story of a man's life and the events surrounding him. The main character is depicted as someone who has grown up in a tough environment and led a life intertwined with crime. Throughout the song, various themes such as crime, betrayal, struggles, the burden of past mistakes, hopelessness, the struggle for survival, and the search for belonging are explored.

The part of the song that narrates the story depicts the challenges the main character faces, the attitudes of those around him, and details of living a life entrenched in crime. This section explains the character's past troubles and ongoing struggles.

The essence of the song lies in passages that depict pivotal moments in the character's life, experiences related to crime, and internal conflicts. These parts offer deeper insights into the character's identity and the challenges he faces.

Key words and their meanings within the song include:

- Crime: Indicates the main character's life deeply involved in crime and the significant role crime-related experiences play.

- Betrayal: Highlights the betrayals of the people around the character and how these betrayals affect his life.

- Struggle: Indicates that the main character leads a life filled with challenges and how he copes with these struggles.

- Burden of past mistakes: Shows that the character's past mistakes still weigh heavily on him and form a burden.

- Hopelessness: Indicates that the character feels hopeless at times and stuck in certain aspects of life.

- Struggle for survival: Highlights the main character's fight to survive and his determination in this struggle.

- Search for belonging: Reflects the character's desire to belong somewhere and seek acceptance.

The topic analysis of the song delves into a man's crime-filled life and the events surrounding him, addressing both internal and external struggles. The emotional analysis evaluates the overall tone of the song and the emotional state of the character, while the semantic network analysis examines how the themes in the song are interconnected. Critical analysis assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the lyrics and expression used, while language analysis evaluates how effective and impactful the language in the song is. Psychological analysis offers an in-depth examination of the character's inner world and emotional conflicts.

The overall message focuses on overcoming life's challenges, maintaining hope and resilience, and finding one's own path. In conclusion, the song narrates a complex life story and explores internal conflicts while addressing themes such as crime, betrayal, and hopelessness, providing listeners with a deep emotional experience.


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