Ariana Grande - intro (end of the world) Lyrics


Ariana Grande - intro (end of the world) Lyrics


How can I tell if I'm in the right relationship?

Aren't you really supposed to know that shit?

Feel it in your bones and own that shit

I don't know

Then I had this interaction I've been thinking 'bout for like five weeks

Wonder if he's thinking 'bout it too and smiling

Wonder if he knows that that's been what's inspiring me

Wonder if he's judging me like I am right now

I don't care

I'd rather tell the truth (truth)

Than make it worse for you, mmm (you)

If the sun refused to shine

Baby, would I still be your lover?

Would you want me there?

If the moon went dark tonight

And if it all ended tomorrow

Would I be the one on your mind, your mind, your mind?

And if it all ended tomorrow

Would you be the one on mine?

"intro (end of the world)" by Ariana Grande: A Breakdown

Storyline: The song explores a budding romance and the insecurities that come with it. The singer reflects on a recent interaction, wondering if the other person feels the same way and contemplates being honest about her feelings.

Main Theme: Love and uncertainty in a new relationship.

Key Words & Meanings:

  • Interaction: A conversation or encounter that sparked the singer's interest.
  • Judging: Fearing the other person might be critical of her feelings.
  • Truth: The singer prioritizes honesty over potential negativity.
  • Sun & Moon: Metaphors for light, hope, and stability in the relationship.

Emotional Analysis:

  • Vulnerability: The singer exposes her doubts and worries.
  • Yearning: She desires a deeper connection.
  • Hope: Despite the insecurities, there's a hopeful undertone.

Storytelling Parts:

  • The verses explore the internal conflict and reflection on the interaction.

Song's Essence:

  • The chorus poses a hypothetical scenario: "If the world ended tomorrow," would the newfound love survive? This emphasizes the song's central theme.

Psychological Analysis:

  • The song delves into the anxieties of a new relationship and the desire for reciprocation.

Overall Message:

The song explores the courage to be honest in love even amidst uncertainty. It ponders the significance of a connection in the face of potential impermanence.


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