If you don't get money, you'll suffer

(ZEL, this shit crazy)

Ayy, yo


When I tap that one, gotta take my time

I hit that left, should've took that right

Bro hopped out the whip like, "Yo, my guy"

If I take that L, on God I'm alright, ayy

One I'm with is a ten, no need to tell me

Put her in LV, DND all day, don't bell me

Two bad ones on me, yo, help me

Greetin' me on arrival, take my shit, okay, survival

Bro link shots like he got a rifle

And he got black and white like Michael

I just sent her home, disposal

And now she's sayin' I'm antisocial

Only act up 'cause I was local

LV steps, six K my total

How can man try talk on me?

Eight K, chop man's SFE

You man goin' out bad, that's peak

While doin' up hide and seek

Fucking hell, still


I don't owe you shit

I let this leng one take my pics

Money can fix your problems quick

I might VV my neck and wrist

This ain't like back in the day

Man throw some bread on your head, don't play, 'kay

Got that drop quick, no laylay

While I'm in Nobu chillin' with bae, ayy

A wise man once said nothing

I pull up, secure that bag, I'm cuttin'

Rich on IG, but you got nothin'

Not me, don't turn nothin' to somethin', ayy

Young G stay on go, ayy

She wanna fuck but no

I took that L that day, damn

KMT, should've stayed at home

Just leave that one to me, my guy

She know you ain't got it like that

Ayy, if you don't get money, you'll suffer (Ayy)

That shit ain't part of the plan

Man went LV, man went Dior

I spent a lot, but I made it back

Men lie, women lie

Numbers don't, that's facts

B to B, that's back to biz'

SJ, why you move like that?

Get out your feelings

Go get in your bag

For real


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