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Tom Walker - Lifeline Lyrics


Tom Walker - Lifeline Lyrics

When someone you love gets left behind 

Suddenly taken before their time 

The flowers we lay, swept up in the cold 

And now they’re someone you used to know 

Oh I thought I'd come to terms with it 

But I'm lying to myself again 

Just tryna find some answers   

I wish we could of saved you 

I wish we could of helped you understand 

Nobody would'a blamed you 

I wish you would’ve held on for a hand 

I pray to God you would've reached out 

And given us a chance to change your mind 

No one leave us at the right time 

I wish you knew you had a lifeline 

Questions with answers we can’t find 

That's why it's harder to say goodbye 

If I would have called, just picked up the phone

Would you still be someone I used to know 

I can't sleep, still ruminating 

It breaks my heart that I can't change it 

Just tryna find some answers 

Before you left without a goodbye 

I wish you know a lifeline