Tom MacDonald - God Mode Lyrics


Tom MacDonald - God Mode Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I been hearin’ that they think my political music is boring

Tell ‘em I’m sorry, I been rappin’ ‘bout things that I feel are important

I could talk about how rich I am, all these little rappers that I’m bigger than

I could should you the impact addiction had, how the liquor turned me to a different man

I’m not the kid who was visitin’ Disneyland

I’m not a perfect Christian, have a sinner’s past

But I sobered up, prescriptions hit the trash

Now I’m sitting back with 50 Billboard plaques

Twenty million dollars and a million fans

Middle fingers flippin’, I can’t flip ‘em back

I’m so independent so they get the message

I been spittin’ facts, I’m not a fiction fan

I am the truth, I am the GOAT

I am the proof you can rеach every one of your goals

You can bе too drunk, way too high, but it’s never too late to have hope

I am the one, I’m gonna preach, you can reach every one of your dreams

You can be up against the whole entire world and you can beat ‘em if you just believe

They’ve been sayin’ I’m Illuminati and I’m goin’ to Hell

They’re desperately searchin’ for any excuse to explain why I’ve done what they can’t do themselves

The only way they can make sense of my fame is claim I worship Satan and labels have helped

I don’t have an advantage, it’s natural talent

Your ego is damaged, admit that you failed

[Verse 2]

I remember back when I was the only political rapper, what the hell happened?

All the sudden everyone who never gave a damn got political and started rappin’

Tragic, I should be flattered, man, I created the genre they practically jackin’

Actin’ like they in the conversation, they ain’t nowhere near it, on a different planet

This is not YouTube, this is upper echelon

President of Sony on my telephone

I get what I want, how I want, when I want until the day that I’m dead and gone

The internet in love with beef, they want rappers at war

But I don’t care who’s comin’ at me

I swore that I wouldn’t do disses no more

The last time I battled the man that I trampled lost his career and then had a divorce

That wasn’t fair, homie got torched

I feel the weight like I’m carryin’ around a corpse

Still no deals, still no team

Still just little old me

Still makin’ fun of the whole industry

Still rap on my own beats

I’m the only multimillionaire in my family tree

I keep hearin’ rumors that my parents rich and that’s how I got in the lead, that’s a big L-I-E

If you wanna know the truth, I guess

I can show you why I move like this

Let me take you back into my head, tell you ‘bout the movie I lived

Former alcoholic, nothin’ in my wallet

Every doctor said that I was depressed

Should be inside a coffin or inside a cardboard box and addicted to meth

I was sleepin’ on my best friend’s couch, I was dreamin’ of a west end house

We was livin’ in the basement, sweet east side, pray that we’d get out

Motorcycles on the front lawn, bunch of crackheads in the alley

Open up my bedroom window and tell ‘em there’s empty bottles they can have

Cops at the door, I couldn’t sleep

Makin’ up noodles to eat for a week

I couldn’t stomach the food I was makin’

If I wasn’t high, still I always had weed

Leavin’ the crib and the neighbors are trippin’

I’ll flip ‘em the bird, I ain’t stoppin’ to talk

They leavin’ us notes on the passenger window ‘cause we always parkin’ the whip in their spot

Ten in the morning, we sippin’ on 40’s and takin’ the Honda Civic up the block

Lookin’ for one of my homies who livin’ on the street ‘cause he got addicted to rocks

Waitin’ in line at church, they're givin’ out food

I would pull up every second Sunday, get some hard boiled eggs and juice, that was the move

I was a broke boy then I blew up

I was suicidal, yeah, the mood sucked

Now I been rich, I done made hits, I been prayin’ I don’t screw it up

[Verse 3]

And now that I’ve blown up, they’re mad that I’ve grown up

They’re missin’ my old stuff

They say my political music’s all soundin’ the same and the flows suck

I’m never gonna be the old Tom or recapture the magic of old songs

I don’t know, Tom

You the GOAT, Tom

Give me what I want or I will go, Tom

Shut up

I’m not the guy that you fell in love with back when I was young and dumb

Always gettin’ drunk, takin’ hella drugs, livin’ in the ghetto, no food for a month

Couldn’t pay the power bill, the shower filled with towels, mold and hella bugs

That was the old Tom, that was broke Tom

Stop saying you miss who I was

Now you can give me all the Gucci, give me all the Louis

Give me everything I wanted once

Give me Lamborghinis, give me all my flowers

Gave you everything I have to show me love

Now they call me racist and they say I’m canceled but I guarantee you that there will be blood

I ain’t goin’ nowhere, I ain’t stoppin’ nothin’

I’mma really go there, I don’t give a fuck

I’m the best thing going right now, they can’t mess with me

I been up, I been down, I climbed out my grave

I been great way before today

And I’ll be great till I decide to walk away

[Verse 4]

And I’m the one you have to thank for every independent artist gettin’ Billboard plaques

I showed everybody how to beat the record labels and still, I don’t get no thanks

Everybody who been hatin’ on me copies every little thing I’m doin’

I mean, they dress like me, sign CDs

No one is buying they music

I’m the blueprint for these YouTube kids, every single little view you get

Every time you get an iTunes check you just imitate what I do best

I’m on Fox News

I’m on Rolling Stone

In the New York Times

On the radio

Got a million views, milly on the Gram

You still waitin’ to be verified, man

I am the reason that Billboard removed all the digital sales charts off their website

I was out-performing label artists and executives, pressured them to hit the red light

Universal, Warner Music, Sony CEOs wanted me dead

But they ain’t ever gonna really kill me, they’ll just cancel the digital charts instead

Stop tellin’ me that anyone else is bigger than I am

Go get the Nielsen SoundScan numbers, tell me what you find, man

Who’s the biggest? I am

They’re angry that I love America, guess it’s a problem ‘cause I’m Canadian

I live in the states, I gave 200 grand to the veterans, I am a patriot

I am not faking this, I don’t need to keep on makin’ it

Good to retire three years ago basically

Go check my bank account, buddy, I’m crazy rich

I don’t need money, I rap ‘cause I’m made for this

I am only doing this because I love it

I told every record label they can shove it

Rappers hate on me but I’m above it

‘93 Sean Michaels, everyone can suck it

They want photos when they see me out in public

Then they trash me in the comments, what a bummer

I sign autographs and spill my guts and stomach

All I get is people prayin’ that I’ll plummet

[Verse 5]

I came a long way, dreamt of this all day

I should’ve saw graves but God saves, I got faith

What a loser, I needed booze to maneuver

Bottles of Hooch in the cooler

Now I’m the proof that you can choose to be a trooper

And regroup a pursue of future, be a ruler

Screw all the rumors, hack all the dudes who be actin’ stupid on computers

Hate is a fuel that humans can use to improve themselves if they don’t let their wounds ruin’ their movement

You can do it and then you can lose it

You could choose to view it through some other pupils

You could shoot for the moon, if you miss you recoup it and then execute it till you make it through it

There ain’t no excuses, the rules are confusin’

So break ‘em and use them to find the solution

The truth is you’re losing till you are immune and you turn the abuse to your own evolution

[Verse 6]

I been addicted to plenty of pills, poor and mentally ill

If I can do it, you can do it

I went from homeless and drunk to turnin’ down record deals

I done got so many wins that I forget the wins

So many plaques inside the crib, they gettin’ hard to live

They so jealous, I’m just glad that I ain’t them (Thank God I ain’t them)

They got money, they got pennies, they got dollars but they ain’t been makin’ any sense

They got hundreds, they got thousands, I got ten, eleven, fifteen, twenty somethin’ M’s

But this ain’t always what my life was like

Honestly, it still give me chills

Way before all of my viral songs, before I was living in Beverly Hills

Way before I went and sobered up, back when me and Brandon couldn’t pay the bills

Way back when I shoulda been locked up, overdosed or gettin’ killed

My sister called me from the hospital, said her job’s killin’ her and that was a fact

She workin’ overtime often, out of options, havin’ panic attacks

Didn’t let her finish talkin’ told her walk in and to quit and call back

Next thing I know she’s in California and she’s workin’ for Hang Over Gang

And Daddy always told me I was special and one day I would conquer the music business

And I guess he was right ‘cause look at my life

I just bought him a new Porsche for Christmas

And Momma worked harder than any woman on Earth, her boss woulda never have fired her

I recognized they weren’t giving her what she was worth, so I retired her

[Verse 7]

This ain’t white privilege, this ain’t trust funds

This ain’t good luck, this ain’t silver spoon

This is hard work, this is long nights

This is on me, this is what I do

This is palm trees and Ferraris and a calm breeze and a pretty view

If you don’t believe I deserve it then you never lived the life I did and you wouldn’t make it through

I came out a city where I still don’t get no respect

I moved away and I blew up and everyone else is still stuck in the town that I left, I’m not impressed

And they been sayin’ my video views are all fake and I honestly hope it helps get ‘em some rest

I’m worth the 30 million mother fuckin’ dollars, all you bums are living check-to-check

Now everybody is an enemy, they all jealous that I’m a celebrity

Well, screw them, screw the government, screw the record labels, screw the mainstream

I’m in God mode, they in beast mode

We are not the same, we ain’t equals

And I pray to God that you can deepthroat, got 11 inches for you weak hoes

Y’all cannot critique me, y’all ain’t in my league still

All your hate completes me, I can’t be killed

Y’all just wanna be me, maybe be chill

Leave ‘em bleeding in a wheatfield

All my missiles heat seek, you can’t beat me, homie, keep still

I can tell that you don’t eat meat, ton of green beans

You a vegan when the beef’s real


Everybody’s saying I’m fake but

They’re the ones really fakin’ though

And their songs all on YouTube

While my songs on the radio

They claim they hate fame but they change when they need streams

Then they say names and plays games, and take aim and hate on me

[Verse 8]

Wait, I got one more thing I gotta say

I don’t need anymore money these days, I just do it for all of my fans

I pray to God I inspire somebody or show someone who thinks that they can’t that they can

I’mma keep goin’ till I’m in a coffin, I promise no stoppin’ till I kick the can

Till the day that they’re droppin’ my box in the ground, it’s Hang Over Gang


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