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BULK Requiem - Mineral Lyrics

 BULK Requiem - Mineral Lyrics

Mineral :

Black is beautiful

Hot like coal when it's set on fire

Soul erupted with hot, smooth wanted attitude to enter in the room, the hottest in the room

Exchange fresh streams of rivers in her tone

You can hear it from her voice

Caring, loving heart of Gold

In millions of taste

You chose to taste like sweet grapes

Redefine middle ages, golden ages

Finding you brings quality for diamond ages

Stones can crack, rocks can break

You're an unstoppable mineral

An unbreakable mineral

You're the type of mineral to be cherished like jewel

You make me appreciate life

In my lifetime

I've been in dry seasons like a desert

In rainy days like living in a rain forest

Mainly because of you

I'm willing to change for you

I can't afford loosing you

You're the most expensive good to possess

The most expensive good

Chorus :

You're a rich mineral to me

I'm digging you deep, digging you deep

Dig it deep

Like a miner in a area of mining

The most amazing natural resource in the world

I wanna keep you in my body like jewelery

Admire your body like jewelery

The most magnificent imported mineral

The most important mineral