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Ghetts - Daily Duppy Lyrics


Ghetts - Daily Duppy Lyrics

I woke up with a point to prove

But going at you is like a 3 point turn in the desert

That's a pointless move

I told my nigga Leroy

Don't return with the weapon

Get rid of it and destroy the proof

My enemies are in the same room, good

Get 'em all in one like a boiler suit

Black tactical vest, same one I wore in the Boiler Room

Oi, you, turn the kettle on

Play the same role as my ex, why's this boy confused?

I mean you, take your kettle off, I ain't playin' no games

I want a Rolex Oyster, too


Nah, I ain't a waiter

And if I was, poison you

Your hand ting ain't handy

You remind me of Andy

Why would he hit the bullseye?

He don't know what these toys can do

I got niggas in jail that can't see from the 6

I'm trying to avoid the view

But I still need this extra capital

It's amazing what having no choice can do

It made Ghetts an animal

Mario, I'm on a coin pursuit

Adios to the boys in blue

Man is cold, can't avoid the flu

(Let that digest for a second, Ghetts)

Why am I so sick with this shit?

Surely, when you're poorly

Antidotes and anointments due

Who's this lyrical on this tempo?

With syllables, with dem flows

My ting's spiritual, Esco

I 'ear the subliminals

Watch when I let go

Kill 'em all, cancer

Wordplay, west coast

Snooping around with two packs of cigarettes

Oh the doctor can't save you, Death Row

Are you dumb?

You don't feel Ghetts, are you numb?

Deaf, blind, paralyzed from the head down?

Anyone with half a brain has to rate how I get down

Tell me, you fuckin' tell me

Who's been going this hard for Newham

Since Titch got sent down? (No one)

I want the respect now

Who ain't done shit for their ends?

You just being you let the ends down

So how can I let down a let down?

I don't owe nobody shit

I wouldn't lend man 10 pound

Yesterday I got some good advice off my friend Brown

Hold on, that's my good ting from Bush

They say opposites attract

And that's why this East boy's westbound

But no gyal can make me lose focus

I still write like say I got a pen pal

Firing, I can't put the skeng down

Strip off the clip, I dump, reload, then line up a next round

I had to drop out the skunk this year

I know about sacrifice

My mum broke up with my dad over 15 years ago

And ain't brought any men 'round

So it's nothing for me to get my head out the lem cloud

Still you niggas have no idea

They can't see like, said they got, no eye dere

Bambi with no eyesight, no eye deer

This be the flow I fear

I'm so ahead of my time that this one's for your kids' kids

Marty McFly there I go right there

Mr. Underrated, so I hear

Could you have pictured this

Before post put the pictures in

How many folks would've known what I said?

How many times has a man said I'm shit

Just cause he don't know what I said?

Young Thug and Future fans

But they don't know what I said

Ain't Ghetto another word for hood?

I guess I'm designed to go over your head

Ghetts - Daily Duppy: Song Analysis

Story: In the song, the narrator tries to prove his abilities but finds it pointless. He talks about bringing his enemies together and threatens them. He compares himself to his friends in jail and his mother who struggles with poverty. He emphasizes that he is ready to make sacrifices to succeed. Finally, he says that he will continue to make music despite the criticism and that they will understand one day.

Main Theme: Determination and the struggle to achieve success. In the song, the narrator tries to prove himself through his musical talent despite poverty and hardships.

Storytelling Part: The whole song tells the story. In almost every line, the narrator conveys his experiences and feelings.

Essence Part: The first two paragraphs and the last paragraph especially emphasize the narrator's struggles and goals.

Protagonist: A rapper named Ghetts. He has a difficult past and wants to prove himself through music.

Keywords: struggle, success, talent, sacrifice, criticism, music.

Subject Analysis: The subject of the song is a talented person trying to achieve his dreams despite poverty and obstacles.

Emotion Analysis: The song feels anger, ambition, determination, sadness, and hope.

Semantic Network Analysis: The words and images in the song are interconnected. For example, "lem cloud" symbolizes poverty, "skeng" symbolizes a gun, and "Rolex Oyster" symbolizes success.

Critical Analysis: The song touches on the criticisms in the music industry and the difficulties of achieving success. The narrator states that he doesn't care about the criticism and that he will reach his goal.

Language Analysis: Slang and street language are used in the song. This language reflects the narrator's environment and character.

Psychological Analysis: The song shows that the narrator is angry and ambitious but also hopeful and determined.

Overall Message: Never give up fighting and chase your dreams. The song emphasizes that it is possible to achieve success despite difficulties.

Conclusion: The song is a powerful message that demonstrates Ghetts' talent and determination. It also encourages the listener to chase their dreams.