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Skrapz - Intro Lyrics


Skrapz - Intro Lyrics

Out of curiosity I’m wondering can anybody actually fuck with me

lately I’ve been feeling like Iron Mike did in ‘86 when he dropped a couple niggas and he

knew that that was it

My whips blacked out totally eclipse, I’m wearing YSL but I aint listening to Gunna he’s

a snitch

I got bare bad bitches on my … but I dont give a shit cuz they only wanna know me true

I’m rich

Where was they when I was out there on the pitch they didnt wanna know but they

wanna know me know cuz I’m legit

They werent around when I was cooking in the kitch, and even though I rap niggas

wanna kill me so I’ve always gotta stay equipped

My Glock aint got a switch but I still empty out the clip so quick you wont get a chance

to flinch

Tryna live my dreams I aint tryna get pinched, theyre tryna act tough who they tryna


and ever since, i came out of prison I been tryna lay low, I got a couple drillers keep

them on the payroll

I make them do a mazza I just gotta say yo, yo-yo

Theyre on go, I came off the phone then I had to phone bro, and right now youre

probably saying that I’m too cold

But try tell me something else that I dont know

Cuz I been ice cold never happened just now, the ice on my wrist and my neck is like


and every time I drop everything is shutdown, I know I probably got these other rappers

like “how?”

I put the work in it didnt happen over night, what happens in the darkness will always

come to light

This RS11 got me higher than a kite, and if I close my eyes it feels like I’m on a flight

My lifes like a test I’m just tryna get it right, I’m up wide awake in the middle of the night

Despite all the bullshit that happens in the street, I cant even lie fam everythings sweet

I pull up at your front door like Uber Eats I look Halloween but its not Trick Or Treat

I load my machine take my girl out to eat I scope out the whole place before I have a


and she dont even know I got it on me I’m discreet, I’m so calm she dont even know

that I’m a beast

I’ll always be a G till the day that I’m deceased throw away my airforce when they get a


I smoke the room out then I spray it with Febreeze I know what she’s on I can tell by

her knees

I’m doing this with ease, I came a long way from blowing trees in the showers on the


Skrapz - Intro: Song Analysis

Story: The song describes the singer's rise to fame and his current life. He comes from a poor and difficult background, and even served time in prison. Now he is wealthy and famous, but he still has to stay vigilant. He talks about fake friends and implies that he is armed against those who threaten him. He lives a life of luxury and enjoys it.

Main Theme: Despite wealth and success, the traces of the past cannot be erased, and it is important to stay alert and strong.

Narrative Part: The whole song is actually a story.

Essence: A depiction of a life where the trappings of wealth and fame coexist with the pain and dangers of the past.

Protagonist: Skrapz is a rapper who has risen through struggle and lives on the alert.

Keywords: rich, black car, gun, prison, hardship, being alert, success, fame.

Subject Analysis: The song begins as a success story but also touches on the dark past and dangers. It shows that the life that wealth brings is not always easy.

Emotional Analysis: The song contains different emotions such as pride, ambition, distrust, and pleasure.

Semantic Network Analysis: Words like wealth, power, danger, past, struggle, and being alert form an interconnected network.

Critical Analysis: The song emphasizes that wealth doesn't solve everything and that it's important to stay vigilant. Some listeners may criticize the song's violent elements.

Language Analysis: The song is written in slang and contains informal words.

Psychological Analysis: The song reflects the psychology of a person who carries the traces of a traumatic past and is constantly on the alert.

Overall Message: It is important to fight to achieve success, but don't forget to stay vigilant and remember your past.

Conclusion: Skrapz - Intro is a rap song that tells the story of an ambitious and struggling person, where wealth and danger are intertwined. The song's impact on the listener may vary depending on their own life and values.