MYSTFALL - Silence Lyrics


MYSTFALL - Silence Lyrics

Soon you`ll feel why I felt this way

Through the silence I rise as I open my eyes

Speak to me , lay your hand on me

Feel my sorrow wandering through the dark

Free me from the woven life and dreams 

Save me from fear

See what I`ve done

Set me free

Stay here with me

Make me believe that this is for real 

Don`t disappear

Feel the wind

Touch my heart and stay 

Hear the silence within the words that I say

Free my soul like a bird from its cage

Take this pain away from me

I`m not what I wanted to be before

Like in a dream you`ll come

See what I`ve done

Leave me be

See what remains

Set my soul free

Give me a sign and make me believe 

What I`ve become

See what I`ve done and make me believe

All of this pain

All my soul, all my heart that I give

Make me believe that this is for real

Don`t you run away

Don`t leave me again

MYSTFALL - Silence: Analysis


The lyrics portray a character trapped in a state of sorrow and isolation. They yearn for connection and freedom, pleading with someone (possibly a lover or a higher power) to understand their pain and set them free. The character acknowledges their mistakes and regrets, seeking solace and a reason to believe that things will improve.

Main Theme:

The song explores themes of suffering, isolation, longing for connection, and the desire for freedom.

Key Words and Meanings:

  • Silence: Represents the character's emotional isolation and the lack of understanding they feel.
  • Free: Represents the character's longing to escape their emotional state and pain.
  • Save: Represents the character's desperate plea for help and release.
  • Dream: Represents a desire for escape and a better future.
  • Pain: Represents the character's emotional suffering.
  • Believe: Represents the character's need for hope and faith in a positive outcome.

Emotional Analysis:

The lyrics evoke feelings of despair, loneliness, yearning, and a desperate search for hope. The repetitive use of the word "free" emphasizes the character's intense desire to escape their current state.

Narrative Parts:

  • Verses: Describe the character's emotional state and pleas for help.
  • Chorus: Captures the essence of the song, emphasizing the character's desire for freedom and belief.

Psychological Analysis:

The song hints at the character's possible feelings of guilt, regret, and self-doubt. Their pleas for help suggest a sense of helplessness and desperation.

Overall Message:

The song expresses the universal human experience of emotional turmoil and the longing for connection, freedom, and hope. It leaves the listener with a sense of empathy for the character's struggle and a lingering hope for their eventual release.

Please note: This analysis is based solely on the lyrics provided and may not fully capture the nuances of the song with additional context, such as the music video or the artist's intended message.


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