Rauf & Faik - fly Lyrics


Rauf & Faik - fly Lyrics

I don't wanna know

Idon't wanna know

Where u'v been before

Where u'v been before

When I didn't know you

When I didn't know you

It hurts me more

When I hear this song

lam fly again

Because it's song - its you

Rauf & Faik - Fly Song Lyrics Analysis


The song tells of the feelings of regret and longing that come after a breakup with a past lover. When the narrator hears a song that reminds them of their relationship with their ex, they realize how much they miss them and how those feelings from that time resurface.

Main Theme:

Love, separation, regret, longing

Keywords and Meanings:

  • Fly: Freedom, to rise, to move away
  • Lie: Distrust, cheating
  • Tears: Pain, sorrow, regret
  • Loneliness: Emptiness, deficiency
  • Memories: Longing for the past

Sentiment Analysis:

The dominant emotions in the song are sadness, regret, longing and despair. The narrator is sad that they can't turn back time and struggles with the longing they feel for their ex.

Part that Tells the Story:

The first verses and the chorus are the main parts that tell the story. The narrator describes their relationship with their ex and the emotions they experienced after the breakup.

Part Where the Essence Takes Place:

The chorus of the song best reflects the essence of the song. The narrator expresses how much they miss their ex and how much they love them in this section.

Psychological Analysis:

The song reflects the grieving process experienced after a breakup and the emotions felt during this process. The narrator seems to be going through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Overall Message and Conclusion:

The song reminds us how powerful love and separation are and how difficult it is to erase the traces of the past. The narrator tries to cope with the feelings of regret and longing they experience and carries the hope that they may one day return to their ex.


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